I know. I've been there.

Hi, I'm Dr. Christopher Wells, and I'm a distance leader and virtual employee. Throughout my work career, I have had employees and bosses that were very far away from me. When I turned to existing research to help me understand how I could be a better employee and a better leader, I realized that there was a problem.

Distance leadership was missing.

There are lots of articles and books on virtual teams, being a distance employee, and working from home or other locations of your choosing, but information for distance leaders? Something beyond "tips and tricks" for working from home?

Almost nothing.

Christopher Wells, Ph.D.
President, Distance Leader LLC

So I did the research. 

I took a close look at different leadership styles, virtual teaming approaches, communication styles, trust dynamics, and organizational design strategies. I had conversations with leaders who expressed a great deal of pain as they tried to connect with their team members. I interviewed virtual team members about their challenges working away from an office.

The common thread was that distance leaders and their team members, felt isolated, disconnected, and unsure of team dynamics.

Distance workers told me about their struggles to communicate effectively, engage with their organization's mission and vision, and duplicate the sense of belonging that was part of their face-to-face team experience.

What I discovered as I studied distance leadership and teaming was that virtual leaders need tools and resources that will help them succeed as they lead others. Distance workers need constructive, methodical approaches to succeeding and connecting with others.

Is there a difference between distance and face-to-face leaders and team members?


That's why I developed this website. If you are a distance leader or distance team member, or support workers in your organization, then join me on the path to grow your competencies, regardless of where you are located.