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If you want to be a better distance leader, then you are in the right place. You're not alone.

Organizational change can be confusing and difficult. The shift from collocated leadership to distance leadership can be a challenge, too. can help! We provide several types of resources to support organizations based on both research and experience. is developing new tools that you can download for free. If you have any suggestions for things that you would like to see, send us an email at

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Custom Newsletters

Created in conjunction with your HR department or leadership team, a regular custom newsletter can support the internal brand and reach every leader and aspiring leader throughout the organization. Short, informative, and focused on single topics with actionable outcomes, a custom newsletter might be the development resource you are missing!

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Custom Audio Content

One of the best ways to reach large numbers of your organizational leadership audience is through the development of custom podcasts, interviews, and audio spotlights.

At, we have found that the best communication meets your employees with the technology they already have and enjoy using. With a custom podcast, the organization selects the content area but all of the production challenges are handled through

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Research-based Tools

Does your department or organization need a tool to evaluate distance leadership competencies? Do you want a corporate “reading list” to help educate and inform your leadership teams? can help you identify and clarify the right research to support your initiatives.

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