Distance Work Essentials Facilitator Course

Session 01 Survey

1. I believe that what Iā€™m being asked to learn in this course is important
2. I was well-prepared for the course and had completed the readings prior to the course.
3. The course topics helped me understand the course content better.
4. The readings and demonstrated materials complemented the course content
5. I received useful guidance for facilitating the course content with my customers.
6. The course gave me the confidence to do more advanced work with my customers
7. The discussion complemented the course content
8. The instructor was well-prepared for the course.
9. This session met my expectations for the quality of this course
10. I would recommend this course to others
11. What session components were positive for you?

12. Are there improvements you would recommend?

13. Are there additional topics that you recommend for future training like this?