Sustained business growth requires professional development

Read the literature, talk to the business leaders, examine the case studies. You'll come up with the same realization that almost every growing business experiences: without developing the people who are doing the work, a company stagnates and begins to fail. Sure, you can have an inspirational leader and a whole crew of really smart, talented VPs and sales team members. Without preparing the organization for distance work, company productivity and performance suffers.

Work team sitting around a table

Our clients needed access to training 24x7, so we developed the Distance Leader Academy, a unique resource with high-impact, timely, and effective courses to support you and your teams as they work virtually. Click here to find out more!

Why your training isn't working

All too often, companies focus on the tasks that must be accomplished but not on the people actually getting the work done. There has to be a balance, especially when distance work can be incredibly isolating and a new work style to many employees. Additionally, many training sessions are focused on driving a single set of topics to employees, but the follow-up and dialogue to ensure real change is missing.

What we offer is different

As former educators ourselves, we know the transformational processes of professional learning can revolutionize your business. Whether it's through online courses, keynote presentations, one-hour webinars, four-hour seminars, or six-hour workshops, the Distance Leader LLC team will connect with your employees and encourage lasting improvements. Even more importantly, we build in follow-up engagement for our training, so employees can successfully practice using the tools and techniques they learned.

We measure outcomes, not "sitting time"

Unlike many professional development experiences, we actually collaborate with our customers to identify what goals they are trying to reach and what changes they are experiencing. Whether for leadership or for team members (or both), we provide options for our clients to include mentoring and group coaching. We have found that distance employees crave group settings for their learning experiences, and we build interdependent teams using powerful professional learning techniques.

Our topics build on what participants already know

Distance working also means that employees already have communication networks within the organization. We focus our training on applying the same principles of connected engagement in a new work environment. Our most-requested topics reflect the existing company culture, but translated into new work habits and environments:

  • Building leader-team member trust
  • Determining criteria for virtual working
  • Emotional responsiveness as a distance worker
  • Preparing a team for distance working
  • Supporting new team members on a virtual team
  • Setting performance expectations on a distance team
  • Evaluating without micromanaging as a distance leader

Let's start with something you can use tomorrow (or later today)

We developed this great resource, Five Steps to Building Employee Trust, and it's become something of a hit around here. We decided to give it away for free!

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