Can you define success for distance workers?

That's a bit of a tricky question for most organizations, because most organizations haven't stopped to think about the culture, leadership, and resources that work together for productive employees. That's why every Distance Leader LLC project begins with an evaluation of our customers' organizations using the Distance Work Connector™ methodology. Through formal and informal assessments, our team helps define our customers' organizational context, the available content, the culture of connecting with other employees, and the leadership characteristics.

A picture is worth a thousand words... or years of success

The number of companies that have tried to implement distance working practices keeps growing, and only a small fraction of those companies do it well. One of the reasons for failing distance work implementations is the lack of preparation before then shift to online work. Without a clear definition of success, it is hard to ensure that organizational, cultural, and personal performance goals are met.

Success is more than "maintaining productivity levels"

One common thread for many companies as they move to distance work patterns is a focus on productivity. Yes, productivity is important, but so is retaining your strong employees and continuing to build a successful business culture. The Distance Work Connector™ methodology incorporates multiple aspects of successful organizations. That means your organization has the tools it needs to define, and then implement the right practices that lead to success.

Shorter perceived distances result in more successful businesses

One of the more interesting aspects of distance working research is the quantification of "virtual distance." Do employees feel "close" to their coworkers, regardless of the geography that separates them? Using proven techniques for helping employees and leaders feel more connected, our team can support new success strategies for your organization.

Virtual team conflict can stop success in its tracks

Occasionally, we are called in to an organization to address team or organizational conflict. You may have experienced distance worker conflict before, where the problem is "hidden" until it is a significant issue that needs immediate resolution. As a third-party observer, we work with your teams to uncover and eliminate the sources of conflict. 

Let's start with something you can use tomorrow (or later today)

We developed this great resource, Five Steps to Building Employee Trust, and it's become something of a hit around here. We decided to give it away for free!

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