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We took a long look at the characteristics of distance teams, including points of success and points of failure. Our research and experience helped us see that distance workforces struggle with some common problems, but in unique patterns related to the organization culture and experience. Here are the core themes that we uncovered:

  • Defining success as a distance worker and leader
  • Addressing challenges that are unique to distance workers and leaders 
  • Developing effective work-life balance when employees are working in multiple time zones
  • Resolving virtual team conflict
  • Overcoming virtual team performance issues
  • Addressing multicultural team characteristics

Professional and business growth go together

So often, professional development is limited to tools and dry topics that, frankly, bore everyone. However, the Distance Work Connector model provides our signature approach to helping organizations embrace virtual working and distance leadership.


We take pride in knowing that our methods are related to experiences that we have had over years of working virtually and leading teams around the world. We don't promote theory-only or practice-only approaches without trying new ideas out first with our own teams.


Sometimes, organizations just need us to give a presentation or a webinar to build awareness. Other companies want more comprehensive consulting approaches. Here are a few of our offerings, so connect with us to discuss how we can help your organization:

  • In-person training, keynote delivery, and workshop presentations
  • Comprehensive consulting with work teams
  • "Behind the scenes" communications, including organization-specific podcasts and newsletters

Let's start with something you can use tomorrow (or later today)

We developed this great resource, Five Steps to Building Employee Trust, and it's become something of a hit around here. We decided to give it away for free!

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